This sounds like the start of a school maths problem:
“If a train leaves Salt Lake City at 4.10am…”

But if a train DOES leave Salt Lake City at 4.10am – in this case the California Zephyr en route from Sacramento to Chicago – then surely entering the date you want to travel and “Morning” as the time you want to travel in Amtrak’s website should produce that train in the list of results. It does not. It tells you that no train is available and suggests you go on the train that leaves the next day at 4.10am.

Normally, this would be an obvious mistake, but when the date in question is July 4 – national holiday – it’s not so stupid to wonder whether the train really is cancelled, or fully booked by Independence Day train revellers.

Suffice to say that this was my train (sorry) of thought, and I then had to add an extra night’s accommodation in Grand Teton, change my Salt Lake City booking etc. etc. At least I haven’t booked my flight back from Chicago yet.

Of course when I went to rebook for July 5 and the same thing happened again my suspicions were aroused, and thus I discovered that 4.10am is not “Morning” for Amtrak. Strange people.

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